If through perfect humility you will be able to know objec tively yourself, only then will you be.

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The Collatio on iPod. 


"The Collatio: An Instrument for Personal and Communal Growth." by Odette Gashabana. Is the first volume in the series entitled "Zaccaria Spirituality Collection."

After years of collaborative work, we have finally realized this collection of Zaccarian spirituality. Our common aspiration—the reason for this collection—is to propagate St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria’s ever actual and enduring spiritual patrimony among English readers.Featured in this collection are articles written by acknowledged members of our religious families (Barnabite Fathers, Angelic Sisters of St. Paul, and the Laity of St. Paul).

 Their valuable contribution entwined with ours makes this collection a unique family composition.We anticipate that this collection will be a source of dynamic spiritual influence for anyone who intends to live a spiritually fulfilled life.

 Fr. Robert B. M. Kosek, CRSP &
 Sr. Rorivic P. Israel, ASP
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Already in the bookstores the new book of  Fr. Giovanni M. Semeria, CRSP entitled

"Mary, the Ideal of Virtue: Thirty-one Meditations on the Litany of Our Lady,"

 Published by Leonine Publishers. Price  $ 12.95




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