If through perfect humility you will be able to know objec tively yourself, only then will you be.

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Medical Society of St. Anthony Zaccaria


Mission Statement  
We, Catholic physicians, believe deeply that Jesus Christ, Divine Physician, is the ultimate source that heals both our body and soul. Consequently, we believe that Jesus Christ has entrusted especially to us - the physicians – the ministry of healing of body and soul to the ailing neighbor according to an example left to us by our holy Physician, Patron and Protector, St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria.
Vision Statement
The Medical Society of St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria has its guiding principle the teachings of  St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria, Patron of Physicians, and St. Paul the Apostle with the aim at:

  • Strengthening the faith of Catholic physicians;
  • Enlivening a deep desire to grow in imitation of Christ;
  • Providing spiritual and professional support to medical students;
  • Contributing to the needs of a larger community, and;
  • Promoting the name of St. Anthony Zaccaria and the Apostle Paul.
For more information on Medical Society of  St. Anthony Zaccaria please contact: 
Fr. Robert B. Kosek, CRSP at Barnabite Spiritual  Center 
4301 Hecktown Road - Bethlehem, PA 18020 
Tel:  610.691.8648 

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