If through perfect humility you will be able to know objec tively yourself, only then will you be.

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Zaccarian Apostolate of Prayer 2016

2016 Prayer Intentions


That the Holy Year of Mercy inspire in all the sons and daughters of St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria an authentic  personal and community renewal that renders our families and communities more welcoming and capable of mutual understanding and pardon. 
We pray to the Lord.
That Christ Crucified grant to all the sons and daughters of St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria to “wake up the world”, to arouse fervor and inspire confidence in divine mercy.  We pray to the Lord.
That the Christian communities entrusted to our pastoral care open themselves to the acceptance of all, fraternal dialogue in the style of the Merciful Father who discards no one.  We pray to the Lord.
That Aspirants, Novices, and the Newly Professed into our Zaccarian Congregations discover, in contact with the Word of God, the riches and beauty of the love of the Lord and following Him, and know how to communicate it to their contemporaries in the various aspects of life.  We pray to the Lord.
That love and devotion for the Virgin Mary, especially petitioned as Mother of Divine Providence, be cultivated among us with care as a way to savor the tenderness of God,
nourishing trust in his mercy.  We pray to the Lord.
That the Apostle Paul, from the beginning, called upon and imitated by us with intense love, may sustain the momentum of our consecrated families and laity reaching out toward the numerous brothers and sisters in need of the proclamation and experience of the love of God. 
We pray to the Lord.
That the many brothers and sisters of the past, worthy sons and daughters of St Anthony Mary Zaccaria, may be recognized in their exemplary holiness and guide us in reviving our charism and our presence
in the Church and in the world of today.  We pray to the Lord.
That the Three Zaccarian Families, move decisively on the path of mutual knowledge and understanding, finding occasions of meeting, agreement, and collaboration, for a renewed communion of spirits and of
mission in the Church.  We pray to the Lord.
That the fraternal relationships with the Institutes that share our Pauline and Zaccarian spirituality may be reinforced, as a sign of the variety and richness of the Spirit given for the growth of the whole Church. 
We pray to the Lord.
For the Sons and Daughters of St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria, may they dedicate themselves in the Church to the service of the poor and the marginalized.  We pray to the Lord. 
For the Barnabites, the Angelic Sisters, and the Laity of St. Paul who have died in this Year
of Mercy and for the relatives, friends, and collaborators who have returned to the Father, that as the Heavenly Family
they may assist us and protect us in faithfulness to our vocation.  We pray to the Lord.
That in the face of the Crucified, the Merciful Face of God and the brothers may be r
ecognized and that His Divine Mercy may be seen poured out from His wounded side into the Eucharistic Chalice. 
We pray to the Lord.

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